Vigsnæs+Kosberg++Architects originates from the well-renowned firm ‘Jarmund/Vigsnæs AS Arkitekter MNAL’, which has existed since 1996, when it was established by Einar Jarmund and Håkon Vigsnæs. Alessandra Kosberg joined as partner in 2004.

As of August 2019, two of three partners; Håkon Vigsnæs + Alessandra Kosberg reestablished the firm in part with new partners ++.

Vigsnæs + Kosberg ++ Architects are involved in projects scaling from urban planning to custom interiors; aiming to cover all corners of the architectural field. We give priority to early participation in creative programming and place emphasis on an attentive relationship towards surroundings. We pay attention to independent concepts for every single project, avoiding any general stylistic approaches + we search to find that something ‘extra’++ which opens up a new dimension of identity and added value to the project.

The majority of our finished work are public buildings + housing projects, projects that span in scale and scope from newbuilds to transformations and refurbishments ++.

We wish to take part in a positive change, expanding on our experience with refurbishments, transformations and reuse, + learning and evolving as a practice with awareness of our future impact.

With the strength in a new constellation + a new set of values for us to grow on, ++ the skills, experience and joy of architecture that we bring with us from the past:

We look brightly towards the future grounded on our roots of past experience.