Our international renown is primarily due to several award-winning and groundbreaking cabins and houses; to this day we still seek to push the envelope within the small-scale field of architecture.


Situated on a plot with untouched nature and with great distance to the nearest neighbors, this project consists of three seperated volumens; a main cabin, an annex and a shed, together forming a classic "tun"-formation.

Visual representation of each individual project is the key to a successful collaboration between the client and the architect; we deliver high quality 3d visualizations + illustrations, sketches, design manuals and physical models.


To get a planning permission it was important to relate to the existing, typical, British seaside strip of houses. The roofscape, the bedroom floor, somehow plays with the formal presence of these buildings, and also brings into mind a romantic remembrance of holidays at bed- and breakfasts while traveling through the UK.


This house echoes the old barn in the yard which is to be torn down. Both in terms of spatial organization, and by usage of the old wooden cladding for the new house. The continuous band of windows allows for varied story of light and view throughout the day.


The site is located in a beautiful, windy summerhouse village on the northern tip of Sjælland, Denmark. It is a summerhouse for a family of five, and a dog. The project is an assembly of five small buildings gathered around a wind shielded courtyard like a miniature village. The layout is well known in this area, often used for organizing traditional farm buildings. There is a kitchen building, parents building, children’s building, guest building and utility building.