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The site lies in the open with a beautiful view to the ocean in Sirevåg. The site mainly consists of roche moutonée with parches of grass in between. The detached house is designed as an atrium house. An open atrium outside in between the rooms gives shelter from the powerful winds and the characteristic rock wall serves as the fourth wall in the atrium.

The volume accentuates the sites topography with the breaking of the flat roof up towards the berg to the north. The 1. Floor is dressed with local slate stones and the broad cornice, which includes the 2. Floor, is dressed in wooden panel. The roof is covered with sedum.

The house is organized with an access zone with a wardrobe and master bedroom connected to a bathroom and exit to the atrium. From the entrance you pass a guestroom/hobbyroom with access to the atrium. Onwards you arrive to the living room and kitchen with big glass surfaced and exits to the westward facing terrace to the ocean and the atrium. The gently sloped 2. Floor has a big window from the spacious bathroom and down to the living-room on the 1. Floor. The living room on the 2. Floor has big windows with a view towards Kvassheim Lighthouse and Eigerøy Lighthouse. From here you also have access to the upper level of the roche moutonée.

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