1 Foto Louisiana Kim Hansen

Log Pavilion

JVA was inquired to design a site-specific pavilion for the internationally renowned art museum Louisiana in Denmark. The pavilion was built to be a part of exhibition “New Nordic” where each pavilion was to express the regional identity and experience from which the individual architect came from. The rules for the project have been simple: each invited architectural office was asked to relate to what Nordic identity can be, and to their ideas of the place-specific in architecture.

The pavilion presents a sense of solid materiality where the visitor is given a concentrated experience of pushing through passages. The labyrinthine solution is confined that the visitor has to experience it unaccompanied. It is all about motion in itself and a structure that gives you the freedom to use several angles of attack. At the same time the pavilion offers the possibility of an alternative space that is different from the large, social museum space. The pavilion holds a harmony of the vernacular Norwegian log building technique and the spatial concept. The structure is based on the simplest form of stacking of timber. It is used to create a concentrated architectural experience.