Heggedal Torg

The built environment lies between Kistefossdammen, Gjellumvannet and the river Skitthegga – idyllic and rural but stil close to the trainstation, schools and public services. The development fills the unbuilt gap where a city center would naturally lie and borders the settlement along the river, factory, Sentrumsgården and new settlements along the north side of Heggedlasveien.

Heggedal torg is a new town center, rural and urban. The dense small cities from before have inspired us. The creation of squares, streets, alleys and aracades have, to a great length, influenced the design of the houses around the outdoor area. The four sides of the situation is combined for pedestrians and bikers, and an inner square opens up to all 4 cardinal directions. The inner square has great sun conditions and a lively park draw connects the are to the outside square at Kistefossdammen.

From the street one can access stores, restaurants, service of different kind and the peoples square with a library, multipurpose hall, café and health station. In the cellars there are bigger grocery stores and parking for both inhabitants and visitors. Over the first floor there are primarily apartments. These have a rich variety of sizes and design, custom tailored to the light conditions and different vistas offered in the area. Each apartment is unique in design and location! This helps to diversify the residents and create a healthy environment. Most of the apartments have at least one veranda, several of the bigger have to outside areas. Some also have private terraces on the ground floor. The apartments in the loft floors stretch on several occasions over two or three floors and they behave more as townhouses than apartments.

To achieve an intimate spatial composition the buildings are placed relatively tight, with a purposeful variation in the size of the streets, alleys, arcades and squares. The steep gabled roofs contribute to good sun conditions and exciting loft apartments. All verandas are drawn in the structure to secure a peaceful privacy and simultaneously create two or three glass facades facing bedrooms and living rooms. The majority of the apartments are dual aspect or turn around corners. Inner floors, tiles, kitchens and bathrooms are of high quality and the general room height is 2.6 meters. Big windows are used to optimize light condtions, all rooms are designed to be flexible in use and easy to furnish.

Facades are dressed in wood, the roofs tilted and the faceades are rich in variety. Streets and squares are thatched with brick: This architecture is supposed to be both rural and urban at the same time! The outside area is lushly planted, generously furnished and the use of running water and springwater is inspired by the river landscape around Skitthegga.