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Cabin Skurdalstølene

Situated on a plot with untouched nature and with great distance to the nearest neighbors, this project consists of three seperated volumens; a main cabin, an annex and a shed, together forming a classic "tun"-formation.

The plot

The project is located approx. 1000 meters over sea-level on Skurdalstølane, southeast of Geilo in Hol municipality. The project consists of three separated buildings; a cabin, an annex and a shed, together forming a “tun”-formation. The surrounding landscape consists of untouched nature, mainly mountains, heather and moss. The plot borders a small pond in the north, a hill in the east, falling terrain towards Skurdalen in the south and finally a magnificent view towards the Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet to the west.

Main cabin

The geometry of the plan uses 60 degrees angles to achieve a maximun amount of light and views. All ridges lies parallel with the terrain and emphasizes the shape of the landscape. The rooms rotate along a midtpoint of the building, each directed to their respective world corner. The cabin has three bedrooms towards the northeast and living spaces towards the southwest. The annex - housing a bedroom, living room and a bath - has a fan-shaped plan as well.


The main construction consists of glulam elements; the secondary construction is in wooden studs. All exterior cladding is made of ore pine, in "seterblack" stain. On terraces are done with Ottaslates. All interior cladding is in oak except for the inside of the shed which is clad with plywood.

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