Aluminum Cabin Exterior Day 06

Aluminum Cabin

Situated in a beautiful archipelago, this seaside cabin replaces a former dilapidated and unpractical cabin dominating the site. The restrictive planning regulations and zoning of the area has informed the scale and mass of the building, as well as an enhanced site-specific adaption to the landscape.

The cabin consists of three interconnected volumes creating three outdoor spaces. All three outdoor rooms give sun and shelter options during the day. The cabin is placed between two rocks and the characteristic landscape makes the cabin appear low in the terrain.

The plan is programmatically divided in two by the roof ridge. One side is sub-divided into bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchen – while the other side is one large living room. The division is to be seen in the opposing facades – one is private and enclosed, the other is open and transparent.

The cabin is clad in seawater resistant aluminum and has folding doors that make two of the facades completely open towards the surroundings. The aluminum façade plays along the shifting daylight and appears altered in its expression during the day.

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