Administration Building for the Governor of Svalbard

The building is a multi-purpose building which contains housing, office areas, library, garage for snow scooters, and even a prison-cell, amongst other functions. We have tried, in short, to imply both industrial building traditions (mining), and aspects of the special climatic conditions of the area in the architectural ideas of the project.

The building is based on an existing concrete-construction left undamaged after the fire in which the old headquarter burnt down. The new geometry of the ”hull” enables a demanded increase of area without having to establish to many new fundamental pillars which are of great expense because of the ”perma-frost ” of the ground.

The sink-covering of both walls and roof is equal because of the heavy wind conditions. The angle of the walls and overhanging roof protect entrance areas etc. from snow and wind.

The open wooden screen in front of the office windows gives shelter and provides an artificially lighted view from the office-windows throughout the dark season; the artificial light is reflected by the snow and ice on the screens.

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