BYGG D utenfor

Biscuit Factory

Former Sætre biscuit factory – consisting today of small independent businesses - is to be transformed into a combined residential- and commercial complex; old factory premises transform into a large collection of varying apartment types. In addition, a new housing project is placed on the unbuild corner of the site, shielding the inner courtyard.

Mixed types of living

Given that the factory consists of highly differentiated volumes, the apartment types that can occur within the old factory premises is largely varied in terms of size, height, etc. Each apartment will be able to fill different needs, leading to a healthy diversity in types of people living within the project.

Common spaces

Building D will in the first three floors function as a space for the residents to meet and engage in various activities.
The first floor turns into a common workshop and meeting place; via large existing openings, the outer courtyard flows into the building, blending the lines between in and out, whilst maintaining the current harsh but authentic atmosphere of an old marketplace.
The slab above the first floor is removed, giving the space a generous amount of height.
Above on the third floor, the former dining room meant for the workers – with original details still intact – is turned into a common dining hall for the residents.

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