A fundamental part of our process in creating architecture is sketching in various methods, from handdrawn sketches to more sophisticated computer sketches. At the office, everybody sketches, a skill that is too often forgotten in today's digital world. For us, sketching is a way to communicate and we often engage in workshops where we talk discuss drawing and draw over each others drawings.


Working with a physical model is a way to explore and understand spaces, the lot and the surroundings. We develop all of our projects by building models. While this is great for us, it is also great for the client. It is far easier to discuss something that is physically in front of you for all parties involved. Because it becomes easier to communicate, we can together with the client achieve great results.


There is always a wide span in climatic conditions, and a response to this requires an approach not merely based on regional presumptions. Addressing microclimatic issues on site can be a valuable asset in tailoring the architectural dialogue and response to the site.


V+K++ develop and explore material palettes focusing on identity, quality, economy and environmental concerns. At times, a whole architectural journey can start with a single material. At other times, the material is a mere part of what substantiates our architecture. Color, structure, tactility and luster are important players when pursuing a desirable and coherent expression. We continuously seek new knowledge of materials, and thoroughly enjoy exploring the architectural possibilities in new means of production, joinery and applications of both established and innovative materials.


V+K++ masters all illustration tools and we often produce our own illustrations. Experience in this field helps us test different architectural expressions and further improve our projects.


Details + schemes are articulated in accordance with established practice. An understanding of how details influence architecture is key to create a comprehensive whole. We wish to challenge todays standards and contribute to the development of our field. This requires a good understanding for the technical and practical aspects of the building site.

building site

We have many years of experience designing for both large and small building sites and we know all forms of enterprise. Professional understanding and cooperation with project stakeholders are fundamental in a successful project.