With extensive technical expertise and a large amount of completed projects on different scales, we are committed to a high degree of attention, focus and presence in all our projects

Our work ranges from urbanism + site development via housing complexes, teaching buildings, kindergartens, offices and business premises, shopping centers, hotels, tourist road projects, detached houses and cabins for interior assignments. We aim to always be involved in a wide range of project types.

Additionally, we have expertise in complex buildings, climate-challenging plots, antiquarian conditions, urbanization projects, transformation projects and projects with extensive reuse. We deliver 3d visualizations and illustrations, design manuals, prospectuses and physical models. We have experience with regulatory issues, feasibility studies, area planning, volume studies, sketch projects, preliminary projects and detailed projects in addition to execution + construction.

We have collaborated with larger private and public clients such as Forsvarsbygg, Statsbygg, Statens vegvesen, Tandberg Eiendom, Fredensborg property, KLP Eiendom, Bonum and EC Dahls Eiendom.

Necessary experience and expertise is associated with the projects as needed to ensure the best possible result. We prepare progress plans for all office tasks so that we always deliver on time. The office has well-established routines for quality assurance, based on Arkitektbedriftenes quality assurance system MAKS.

We have many years of experience designing both large and small building sites and we know all forms of enterprises. Professional understanding+cooperation with project stakeholders+clients is the key to a successful project


We design and build significant buildings as well as cities; we always try to find the uniqueness of each project and seek opportunities to add a new identity and value to the projects. This happens, for example, on the border between nature and climate, complex urban or antiquarian issues, as well as in the interaction with our clients.


We see the challenge of creating sustainable buildings and places - both environmentally and financially - as an inspiration that can be a resource for architecture, instead of a limitation.


Our international renown is primarily due to several award-winning and groundbreaking cabins and houses; to this day we still seek to push the envelope within the small-scale field of architecture.

An understanding of how details influence architecture is key to create a comprehensive whole. We wish to challenge todays standards and contribute to the development of our field.

Working with a physical model is a way to explore and understand spaces, the plot and its surroundings. We develop all of our projects by building models. Doing so makes it is easier to discuss something that is physically in front of you for all parties involved.

We develop and explore material palettes focusing on identity, quality, economy and environmental concerns. At times, a whole architectural journey can start with a single material. At other times, the material is a mere part of what substantiates our architecture.

Color, structure, tactility and luster are important players when pursuing a desirable and coherent expression. We continuously seek new knowledge of materials, and thoroughly enjoy exploring the architectural possibilities in new means of production, joinery and applications of both established and innovative materials.

We master all illustration tools and we often produce our own illustrations. Experience in this field helps us test different architectural expressions and further improve our projects. Another fundamental part of our process in creating architecture is sketching in various methods, from handdrawn sketches to more sophisticated computer sketches.